And then there was one, only one!

13 February 2011.It was half past three in the morning.It was a chilly night.He was snuggled in his bed with a phone on his ear.”I like you, Jake”, she said when he was about to hang up.”Like a friend, right? I like you too.”, he said to Jill.The two of them fought with their thoughts for a while before confessing their love for each other.I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that he felt butterflies in his stomach flapping their wings to the beat of his heart.Suddenly, he did not need to doze off.It was the most beautiful moment in his life.

This had come as a surprise to him.He had proposed without knowing her a few months ago.They had then become friends.They talked and talked.They picked each other’s brain’s out.Little did he know that she had fallen for him.An idiot no doubt.

The next day they met at school.It was valentines.She had got chocolates and a perfume for him.He walked back to his home; his face, all red and blue.Both of them were just 17, both of them were madly in love, both of them could not stop thinking of each other.

Soon enough, their intangible feelings found a tangible route.They went out, stayed at home, stayed back after school.It was like no third person existed for either of them.They knew what it meant to be in love.

A year later, they went for higher studies.She went away; he too, had to leave the city.But they never drifted apart.They would talk on the phone for hours, creating topics to avoid hanging up the phone.The feeling was mutual, the love was pure.He used to visit her in the mountains; she used to come back to their hometown.It was as if they did not live a thousand kilometers apart.

A few years later, they began to fight.The feeling was mutual, each began to blame the other.There were moments of love as well.But these were far and few in between.When they met, it was just old times.Sparks flew, alcohol was the newest member of their close-knit community.

Distance creates more distance, confusion creates more confusion, over thinking leads to over thinking and lost love leads to losing a loved one.”It is beautiful when we meet”, Jake would think many a time.Everything fades away when they fail to communicate.Relationships are about not communicating and still being able to convey.Theirs was about communicating and still not being able to convey.He had begun to hide his feelings.He chose his words carefully for the fear of a conflict of opinion.It was like a house of cards.One tug and everything fell apart.Reconstruction would take many weeks, sometimes months.But the house stood, time and again.

In a few weeks, their relation will turn seven.He ended up crying, for the first time in a few years, the last time they talked on the phone.He browses the pictures on his phone.It is flush with selfies of them, often kissing innocuously for the camera.If he had a penny for every time he said he loved her to himself, he wouldn’t be far off Bill Gates.It was a pity he did not express the same to her over and over again.

Maybe they will get back together, but he does not feel so.He has made peace with the situation as he writes this piece of his mind.This too shall pass, his mind reiterates.


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