LIVERPOOL : Same Old Same Old

As I write down my heartfelt feelings for my beloved Liverpool Football Club (LFC), it sits pretty at 3rd place in the English Premier League table.Things looked much better though at half time at the game against Bournemouth on Sunday.Having raced to a two-goal lead with the help of two superbly taken goals Liverpool looked to be heading for the 2nd place.

A habit cannot be tossed out of the window;it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.

-Mark Twain

Throwing away a two-goal lead does not seem like a new business for Liverpool.The starkest reminder being the three-goal advantage we gave up at Selhurst Park in May 2014.That came on the back of our most comprehensive chance of winning the league in 24 years.We blew it.Crystal Palace scored 3 goals in 9 minutes to put us out of our misery.Poignant was that night and heavy hearted were our heroes.

Liverpool at Selhurst Park, May 2015

Things have changed drastically since.We have a new manager, Mr.Jurgen Klopp.Gerrard has retired while Suarez continues to fulfill his dream of winning.Sturridge has become the outcast while his time at the club seems to be over.New faces have lifted the team this season while a tactical charismatic man stands on the sidelines.So much has changed and yet so little seems to have changed.

We still press sides.We still thrash them.We still score majestic team goals.We still do not break up teams that let us have the ball.We still concede despicable set play goals.We still let the opposition bully us.We still give away leads.We still may not win the league.

This begs the question of why.Why are we not able to close out games?Why do our goalkeepers crumble under pressure?How can we concede so cheaply?

At this time I do not have the answers.All I can do is analyze our latest debacle.There are few reasons for it.One, Mr.Matip, our best signing of the season was not in the team due to injury.Lucas, the Brazilian, our long serving comrade filled in at center back.Even though he may be the best reader of the game in the team at the moment, he just does not have the physical attributes of a central defender.His deficiency showed by the physical Bournemouth team.Two, when Loris Karius was signed in the summer, he was hailed as the next big thing as far as the men between the sticks go because he was second only to Manuel Neuer in the last season.Although his performances until now had been sketchy, people gave him the doubt as it was his settling in period for the premier league.His frailty from crosses has never been under the wraps since his move but his ability from shots around the penalty box was conspicuous in our defeat.He may become a David De Gea one day but that day isn’t near.We will know better by the end of the season.Third, a recurring phenomenon of such nature indicates a mental dent on the minds of the players.Maybe as the first goal goes in they start to feel the heat.We should not forget that this is almost the same team which outplayed Seville in Europa League in the first then.Then Seville demolished us in the second half and put three past Simon Mingolet.This problem, if at all exists, has to be taken care of by the psychologist of the team.Fourth, Liverpool as a team appears complacent.Be on the field or off it.We rarely get our preferred targets in the transfer windows as we like to drag on the deals.Similarly, Sadio Mane, Georgino Wijnaldum appeared casual after having taken the lead.We had the chance to make it three before the break but we did not take it.Winners are ruthless.And that one word sums up all about winning.

Next, we must entertain West Ham at Anfield.

From here,we go on to bigger and better things.


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