A moment of realisation

As he sat in front of the laptop browsing through the catalog of  Adidas turf shoes, he ridiculed having lost his beloved shoe in the sale.On switching tabs and after a few presses of the keyboard, he noticed that IIFT results were out.Even though he had expected to sail through to the next stage owing to the answer key provided by the various “training institutes”, his heart still skipped a beat. After a series of loads and reloads, the pdf did open.

He pulled out his admit card from his study desk and frantically began to scan the document for his details.4402621-that was his roll number.This number has to be on the list of selected candidates.On careful inspection, he deduced that the list had been arranged roll no wise.On scrolling down, he did not find his number.Baffled, he looked at the other identifiable, the application number.Even that couldn’t be located on the list.Something has gone wrong, he thought to himself.

Appalled, he could not convey this news to his family.He checked his answers again and this time the score turned out to be little lower than his previous count.”Even then I should get in”, a tacit fact acknowledged by his mind.

Only the official scorecards could solve the conundrum he found himself in.Even then nothing could diffuse his sorrow.Maybe he had not worked out.Maybe they had changed the criteria.Maybe better things were in store for him.He wanted to qualify the first round irrespective of his preference of a particular b school.He had wanted to pass each exam he appeared for.He wanted to win.He wanted to win always.


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