A little life lost

Distance creates more distance, confusion creates more confusion, over thinking leads to over thinking and lost love leads to losing a loved one.

A few months ago, I was getting back into my car as a truck hit a dog and sped away.The dog was in unendurable pain.It struggled for a few seconds and then everything was silent again.I contacted the People For Animals ( PFA ) after searching for their details on Google.The person on the other end said he would send me the details for the Gurgaon branch of the organization.The message did come, but someone’s life was taken away.

My heart sank that day.I had never seen a human suffer, but I can tell you it would shake your conscience.The caveat here is the presence of conscience.I could only curse the truck driver, who was clearly driving above speed levels.I came back home, thought about it for a few hours and then slept.Sleep lets you not fight the demon of righteousness.It gives you space to switch off.

Last evening, history repeated itself.The difference being that instead of a dog it was a puppy.A cute brown-fleshed pup.And not to jump the ship, but I was behind the wheel.

Let me plead my case.I was going slow, a vehicle from the opposite side honked.Before I knew it, I felt a bump.I thought to myself, I may have got the innocent pup.I checked in my rear mirror.Deja vu?The puppy was in visible pain, and it came to a halt all of a sudden.I could not turn back and almost crashed into a tractor a few meters ahead.On reaching my destination, I tried to search for PFA’s contact.No, I could not find the name.Sometimes, panic takes over your control unit.

I avoided the route while coming back.I did not still call for help for the pup to be taken away.I could not face his parents who had run towards him after I had hit him.I was not callous.I was not breaking rules.I was innocent.But I cannot communicate this to the one who is already only in body and not in soul.I am short of words because I have written whatever I had to say.

I have made mistakes, but I have never made the mistake of claiming I never made one.

And this just reinforces the above observation.Adios, dear friend.


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