An Eventful Sunday

Sundays are meant to be lazy. They come as a relief to the working man, who, after toiling hard for five or six days can have enough sleep before he gets down to business again. I had the same feeling in the first year of my college. The week never seemed to end. I could not quit college. I had to carry on to complete my engineering. The conundrum for the job-goers is much more serious.

I’m trying to get a job nowadays. It’s not a compulsion, but I need to kill off time. I guess it’s better if I get someone to pay for it as well. So, there I was, writing the examination for the final tier of a prestigious government job. I got through the first two rounds without much ado. Hard work over a period of 3 years makes you inherently better at aptitude.

I expected to sail through this paper as well. Writing a letter and an essay can never be hard. Granted, you know the art of holding a pen. I thought I was par for the course. It was not to be. Overconfidence, coupled with impulsive custom to binge on any test led to a huge blunder. Of course, the culprit is the author of this post. He did not read the instructions carefully. 

Instead of filling one word in each box given in descriptive writing, I tried to fit in as many as I could. A voice kept on shouting that the boxes aren’t irrelevant. Like many times in the past, I chose to continue on my little expedition. It was only at the time of revision, after a few peeks into others’ answer sheets did I realize my mistake.

Elvis had left the building by then. I couldn’t do much even if I had time. It is apt for a person who doesn’t want the job in the first place. A part of him wanted to have the choice though. Hardly any of his thoughts matter now. He is left at the mercy of the examiner.

My tale brings to the forefront an important aspect of life. We take the fundamental things for granted in life. Not many would like to admit this, but then all of us are liars. Doing the basic things effectively leads to a desired outcome. The principal stands true from football to marriage, encapsulating everything under the sun. It is time I got down to it.



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