In the garb of Cow protection

On a day in the near future, Yaniv, an innocent rule abiding boy was riding in his car towards his village on the NH-1, which connects Delhi and Chandigarh. Listening to Bob Dylan, he was thinking of the state of the nation-state. Suddenly, out of the blue, a holy cow came in front of his vehicle. Even after applying the brakes, the bovine could not be saved. He wasn’t really an animal lover, but he did not appreciate the thought of someone getting killed. His guilt wasn’t to last forever, as it died with him. Some Gau-Rakshas, did their rightful deed, sentencing him on the spot.

The times are changing. One may argue that they have changed. The questions we ask are a reflection of our thoughts. Were they smuggling cows? Were they going to butcher them? Were they Muslims? Instead, the questions should have been all-inclusive (sabka saath…). Were they humans? Were they into animal husbandry? Did he deserve to die? Were the killers given authority by the government? Or is there any authority left whom one can question?

All I have are questions. The answers are too obvious but we choose to not heed to them. The incident that occurred on April Fools’ Day is another stark reminder of the constant plunging of our values. Back in the days, we may have been shameful. Now, we are just brazen, to the core. There are several reasons for our degradation.

For starters, Indians are grossly unemployed. A man with a 52-inch chest promised in 2014 of 2 crore jobs. He could create only 50,000. The scale should not surprise anyone as the rest are employed as trolls, Gau-Rakshas, Anti-Romeos. So, we may assume that he has quasi-fulfilled his promise.

Second, the various squads such as Gau-Rakshas and Anti-Romeos have been given tacit power by the administration. They are pseudo-protectors and real criminals. This fact has been acknowledged and reiterated by our Prime Sevak in a speech in 2016. According to him, 70-80% of these are anti-social elements, that menace the average Joe and Jill in the night.

Third, once the facade is uncovered and the misguided youth comes back to its senses, he would have lost the most imperative time of his life. There is no coming back from the deep slumber then. Pushed into the cycle of poverty and crime, the society would then embrace a hardened criminal. Someone who has been in the jail will exactly know the difference between a small-timer and a full-fledged criminal.

Fourth, the acts of a small yet violent part of the population create an atmosphere of fear. It is not unusual for couples to fear the moral police on the prowl. Nor does it become scant for butchers to fear for their life and livelihood in this major exporter of meat nation.

P.S, one advice to all the folks of my country. Wear a saffron thread on your wrist. You may escape certain mortality like Arjun (driver of the cow-carrying vehicle) did on that fateful day.  


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