Being a Good Samaritan

In B-schools across the world, one is taught to work in teams or groups as that is expected of you when one enters the corporate world. More importantly, one is expected to maintain individuality and stand out. That is ironical, as is everything else in life. Its always grey, and we are not living in… Continue reading Being a Good Samaritan


In the garb of Cow protection

On a day in the near future, Yaniv, an innocent rule abiding boy was riding in his car towards his village on the NH-1, which connects Delhi and Chandigarh. Listening to Bob Dylan, he was thinking of the state of the nation-state. Suddenly, out of the blue, a holy cow came in front of his… Continue reading In the garb of Cow protection

Supreme Court is God

In a recent session at an institute, the faculty phonated that the Supreme Court of our country, India, transcends all bodies and checks. She even opined that the SC, be given the status of God. She proposed such thoughts citing the caveat that we, the students in her class, are not the government. Nor do… Continue reading Supreme Court is God

Social Media: Devil More than Boon

Computers were the innovation of the mid-1900s.The world wide web came around in the 1990s.Social media has been undoubtedly the revolution of this decade.It has become an indispensable part of our lives.Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora have gradually encroached our private spaces. The use of social media, rather the misuse of the… Continue reading Social Media: Devil More than Boon