Prominent Journalists of India

  1.Rana Ayyub She is the author of Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a cover-up.She began her work in Tehelka.Shoma Chaudhary and Tarun Tejpal did not support her undercover work.She resigned from Tehelka in 2013 and is now an independent columnist.   2.Tarun Tejpal Tarun Tejpal is an investigative journalist who began his work in the… Continue reading Prominent Journalists of India

All other things about Liverpool.

Rivalries LFC has two rivals, Manchester United and Everton.While Everton is from the Merseyside, just like Liverpool, Manchester United is a club from the Manchester of England.   Liverpool has a derby game against Everton.There is no cultural, religious difference between the two places.The games used to be quite peaceful before the premier league.In the… Continue reading All other things about Liverpool.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

My love, Liverpool Football Club, was born in the March of 1892 after a disaccord between John Houlding, the owner of Anfield and Everton Football Club.John Houlding went on to become the first chairman of Liverpool. Fun fact: Liverpool was originally named Everton F.C & Athletic Grounds Ltd. (Everton Athletic in short) but had to change… Continue reading You’ll Never Walk Alone

A moment of realisation

As he sat in front of the laptop browsing through the catalog of  Adidas turf shoes, he ridiculed having lost his beloved shoe in the sale.On switching tabs and after a few presses of the keyboard, he noticed that IIFT results were out.Even though he had expected to sail through to the next stage owing to… Continue reading A moment of realisation

The Israel-Palestine Conundrum

You may believe that the Iran-Palestine conflict has been around for centuries but it started only in the initial years of the 20th century.The Palestine region(as it was known during the Ottoman Regime) housed predominantly two religions- Muslims and Christians.The Jews were also present in traces. The Jews at the time believed that they belong… Continue reading The Israel-Palestine Conundrum

LIVERPOOL : Same Old Same Old

As I write down my heartfelt feelings for my beloved Liverpool Football Club (LFC), it sits pretty at 3rd place in the English Premier League table.Things looked much better though at half time at the game against Bournemouth on Sunday.Having raced to a two-goal lead with the help of two superbly taken goals Liverpool looked… Continue reading LIVERPOOL : Same Old Same Old