Who owns my Media?

In the present era, we are surrounded by a plethora of news sources. These range from social networking sites to Tv channels to newspapers and magazines. It is important to know the people who control these sources to understand their line of argument. 1.The Indian Express The Indian Express is under the ambit of Indian Express… Continue reading Who owns my Media?


Prominent Journalists of India

  1.Rana Ayyub She is the author of Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a cover-up.She began her work in Tehelka.Shoma Chaudhary and Tarun Tejpal did not support her undercover work.She resigned from Tehelka in 2013 and is now an independent columnist.   2.Tarun Tejpal Tarun Tejpal is an investigative journalist who began his work in the… Continue reading Prominent Journalists of India